Tuesday, March 8, 2011


   Is the glass half empty or half full? Pessimist or Optimist? Positive or Negative? All of these sayings are used to describe a person's attitude toward life. But are these really accurate depictions of a person's outlook? I would argue that they are not. To me, all of these sayings could be boiled down and poured into one question that would more accurately describe a someone's perception of life. Faith-filled or faith-less?
   People lacking faith are the ones me might describe as negative. Those without faith, or those low in the faith department, seem to find it hard look at the world in a positive light. This is all they have. No promise of a life after this. All of the doom and gloom in this world. And for those without faith, this is as good as it gets. No wonder they can be negative. How awful to think that this is the best it will ever get. Even our greatest day on Earth will pale in comparison to an eternity in Heaven. Plus, it's hard to live without faith. To think that there is no one higher than us who has your back, who has a plan for our life, and a reason for all of the terrible things that we have to endure. The faithless must depend on themselves and themselves alone. If they do not have the answers then who does. That is why I choose to live with faith.
   Faith makes life so much easier to live, for some more than others of course since we all have our own set of trials and tribulations we have to weather. But with faith we become those optimists, glass half full types of people. We do not need the answers to everything and that is a relief. We do not have to fret because one day all of those answers will be revealed. It's so much easier to go through life knowing that there is a plan for you, laid out, and all you have to do is have faith and keep an open eye in order to follow it. Our faith leads us. How wonderful life is when you no longer feel the need to worry about things out of your control. Or no longer need all of the answers to questions like how will we make it this month, why did they have to die, or why am I even here. Faith answers all of those questions, whether we see it at the time or not. Faith does the heavy lifting so we are free to enjoy the world around us. So call me an optimist or a glass half full kind of guy, describe me any way you wish, but it all is the result of one thing...faith.


  1. you....are most definitely FAITH-FILLED! love you!

  2. i love you and admire your faith