Thursday, March 24, 2011

How the West was Won (Part 1)

   So, over the past week or so I have been reading a 12 day plan on youversion about faith. I do not consider myself a person who struggles with believing in the unseen, and, as I have posted before, it's easier for me to believe their is someone other than me guiding my life. My reading last night was Hebrews 11. I encourage everyone to go an read this chapter right now, or after finishing this post. In that chapter, the author runs through a who's who of people who had faith in the Bible. Moses, Abraham, and Able just to name a few. While I have posted on faith before, this chapter got me thinking about the past three years and my, well our (Carie too), leap of faith. I am not sure if I have told everyone the story so I thought I would share.
   So my junior year of college I decided to go to law school. I had never wanted to be an attorney before, so it came as a surprise to me and many others in my family as well. After taking the LSAT, which is an entrance exam, Carie and I began to look at law schools in cities we wouldn't mind living for three years. While we wanted Nashville, I just felt it wasn't a smart choice to limit myself job wise. Nashville School of Law is not fully accredited by the ABA so I would ONLY be able to practice in Tennessee. During this process I pitched the idea of Oklahoma to Carie. I had only driven through as a kid, while she had family from western Oklahoma. The answer was an emphatic no on both our sides. There was no way we wanted to live in Oklahoma, but the application to Oklahoma City University School of Law was free so I applied as a safety school.
   After months we narrowed our decision to Georgia State School of Law in Atlanta. Our Hearts were set on Atlanta. We had made plans of were we wanted to try and live, and how often we would come home, but we didn't count on one not getting in. Unfortunately I didn't get in. OCU seemed to be the next best option, but all we could do was pray. An answers abound we would get.
   We visited in June to find a place to live. It started off with me arriving early in the morning, and Carie arriving, after a terrible storm, alone and tired early the next morning. Carie had an interview scheduled that day and I was taking a tour of the school. During the middle of my tour Carie called. Her interview had been cancelled and no one called!!! To make things worse, we were driving around in a bad part of town at the time and the scenery left something to be desired. Well we found a place to live and decided to go to the OKC bombing memorial on our last day in town. In the parking lot Carie burst into tears. She did not want to move and we were not sure if we were even supposed to come to Oklahoma, so right there in the parking lot we prayed. Prayed for guidance, for comfort, for God to lead us like a blind dog to where we were supposed to go. After a few minutes to settle down, we got out of the care and walked over to the memorial. As we walked down the stairs to the pond area, our collective breath was sucked out of our lungs. Right in front of us was our pastor from Tennessee!!!! I still get goose bumps!! We prayed for a sign and what better than our "Shepherd" in Oklahoma. I took it as a sign. We were meant to move. So three months after our wedding, Carie and I packed up the truck and headed west to begin our life and career, and what a wild ride it has been.
(check back tomorrow for Part 2)

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